Print production

Print production is high quality timely printing services. It is one of the core compentencies of printing production. The service sector of the Nepal Graphic Designer is the print production. Print production gives printing services for various print materials and also provides extensive high quality printing services. The print materials such as books and reports, brochure, information and promotional materials, calendars, posters etc. provides from it. All of these various print materials are services sector of Nepal Graphic Designer.

The process of print production is the quality checking. To ensure the good quality of the production, a series of quality checking are done. Nepal Graphic Designer checks the quality of product in various stages of production. Apart from this, with the print partner for quality of print materials, Nepal Graphic Designer also checks the quality of product.

Beginning all the design and layout which was made before are finalized. Then the initiation of the actual printing begins. After checking the material it is send for the film making (color separation) or plate making. Not only this but also the quality controllers of Nepal Graphic Designer checks the printing. It also checks the printing for color consistency, color flow and any other errors.

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